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Well-Loved, Cared For, Played With & Prayed For.

  • Parent Testimonial (1)

    Trinity Lutheran Academy has been a part of my family's life for five and a half years. While I was pregnant with my first daughter, my husband and I toured different centers in Athens and Oconee, feeling quite discouraged each time as things just didn't feel right.

    I kept thinking, "Maybe this is what they all are supposed to feel like, simply because it is "daycare?" We then toured Trinity and realized this was not the case - the loving family atmosphere was prevalent throughout the center! I breathed a sigh of relief, and we signed our daughter up immediately because we felt we had found THE best place for our baby.

    Although there is nothing easy about leaving your child to go back to work, it was the smoothest of transitions with both of our girls - who each started at 12 weeks old. It felt like leaving my baby with family, instead of a business. The staff and teachers truly care about the needs of each child (and the parents)! When I drop my child off who is currently attending, I leave knowing she is well-loved, cared for, played with and prayed for. I also know when I come pick her up, she is going to have a smile on her face! The staff and teachers all have a special place in my family's heart - the love and care they have shown us over the years is truly priceless. I will honestly be so sad when it is time for my youngest to "graduate" but will forever be thankful for our time at Trinity

    - L.P.


    Parent Testimonial (2)

    Hi! My name is Beth Farmer and I would love to share just how much Trinity Lutheran Academy has blessed my family! My daughter Kate who is 5 now, started TLA at 3 months when I had to go back to work. She "graduated" when she was 3. My son Jackson who is now 3, started at TLA when he was 3 months and he is still there!

    One of the hardest things I've had to do is go back to work after having a baby, especially after my first! The only thing that made that transition easier is knowing that I was leaving Kate (and then Jackson) with loving, caring, warm, qualified people each day who were taking excellent care of my sweet baby. Trinity teachers and staff have become family. They have played a huge part in the development of my children.

    Both Kate and Jackson have loved every single teacher that they've had. They also have made some of the best friends in their first years of life. The social interaction that takes place in these classrooms is so beneficial. I don't know what I would do without these amazing teachers who truly have been angels sent straight from heaven! I would whole-heartedly recommend TLA! Come and join the family!

    - Beth Farmer


    Parent Testimonial (3)

    We had both our children at TLA, starting with our first child in 2007 and our second child in 2010. Our Daughter who graduated from TLA in Spring of 2012, started public school in a combined Kindergarten-1st grade class. She has excelled past her peers and is on a 1st grade level just half way through the school year.

    I think that this is a direct result of her education and socialization skills that she learned at TLA. Our son is currently enrolled and will continue at TLA until he starts Kindergarten in the Fall of 2015. We anticipate that he will be equally ready for Kindergarten and expect him to follow in his sisters shoes.

    TLA is a warm and family friendly environment and is focused on a Christian education. The teachers love the children and give them love and guidance in learning about God and the daily activities of a child. The teachers are like family to the children and parents. Parents always are able to speak to the teachers one-on-one during drop-off and pick-up about the child's day and activities their child has been involved in.

    - Mark & Lauren Malueg


    Parent Testimonial (4)

    Loving + Patient + Supportive = Trinity Lutheran Academy. We are very fortunate that TLA is a home away from home for our daughter. We are happy to know that she is surrounded by caring and kind people (both staff and families). All of the teachers have done a phenomenal job teaching her new songs, introducing letters, and reinforcing social skills.

    Our daughter is being well cared for by people who have similar values, hopes, and dreams for their children as we do. We are grateful for their continuous hard work and positive attitude.

    - Jess McWhirter


    Preschool Parent Testimonial (5)

    Trinity has been such a blessing to our family. Our little girl is so shy but preschool is something she always looks forward to. Ms. Shannon is absolutely wonderful, so patient and caring. We've never seen our little girl take to someone so quickly but she absolutely loves her. They have made tremendous improvements in her shyness and ability to communicate. I have stayed at home with her since she was born and was a little worried to put her in at 3 years old but it has been wonderful. I never worry when she is there and she talks about it all day when she gets home. Thank you for all you do.

    - The Seymour's


    Parent Testimonial (6)

    My boys LOVE Trinity Lutheran Academy! I really appreciate the individual attention given to each student. The learning environment is loving, encouraging, and hands-on.

    - Elisa Trotter


    Teacher Testimonial

    Teaching at Trinity Lutheran has been a blessing and a breath of fresh air for me. Although I originally had not pictured myself in a private preschool setting, I have grown to absolutely adore the children and to embrace opportunities to serve them. Never have I had more fun teaching and using creative inspiration to enhance the education experience of youngsters! I am thrilled to be here helping prepare children to learn and grow further.

    - Kristin Schmidt, 3 year-old teacher


    Teacher Testimonial

    I have been a teacher at Trinity for 10 years. I really enjoy being in a Christian environment where I can tell my children bible stories, say the blessing before we eat and tell them that I love them and so does Jesus. Trinity is a wonderful place where I can feel at home and share the love of Christ.

    - Lisa Carr, Teacher