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Children are capable of big things.

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    An early childhood education program must encompass many things to provide satisfactory care for a child. A leading factor is the quality of instructors and teachers who help lead your child to a positive approach in learning. A foundation in preschool sets the stage for future habits through primary grades and high school; it is essential that your child receive the best possible teaching to provide high quality instruction.


    Staff Qualifications

    All caregivers and teachers meet Georgia state requirements and qualifications to teach your child. Not only do the teachers at Trinity demonstrate an ability to teach young children that meets our philosophy, the teachers are required to participate in regular and ongoing continuing education to learn new ways of interacting with their students and maintaining current academic standards.

    Teachers are required to also take additional classes in health, safety, guidance, and other appropriate practices. All faculty and staff have a big heart for children, but a professional approach to providing exemplary care and teaching.


    Our teachers each have a deep passion to personally invest in the education and spiritual development of each child. They desire greatly for each one to flourish.


    Teaching Style

    Trinity Lutheran Academy believes in creating a synergistic relationship with the families they serve. Reiteration of good habits, learning while playing, and appropriate behaviors are encouraged and cemented when a team consisting of teachers and family members work together to raise a responsible and curious child.


    Teaching Philosophy

    We believe in Christ's teachings. We also believe in making learning fun! At our schools our focus is on more than teaching style. We encourage children to explore and develop at their own rate as well as occasionally challenging a child to strive for more. Our curriculum is extensive, fostering development in the areas of math, music, arts, science, culture, reading, and more. Teaching is broken up into group learning and one-on-one teaching, allowing your child to benefit from multiple learning approaches.