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Growing Stronger Together

  • The Athens, GA childcare program your child participates in during the formative years will do much to strengthen his or her growth and understanding of the world. Many programs or daycare centers will gladly take in your child and provide protection and care, but at TLA, we take steps beyond basic care and offer your child a chance at a quality education and a foundation in faith-based learning.

    The Difference Starts Here

    Trinity starts each and every day off with prayer & devotion. We provide a full curriculum entitled "One in Christ" that is varied, dynamic, and age-appropriate. All of our programs focus on creating good habits and manners for any situation a young child might encounter.

    During a typical day at TLA you can expect your child to be involved in:

    • Bible stories acted out in the classroom and in chapel
    • Music and Movement (physical education)
    • Science exploration
    • Math and counting
    • Nutritious meals and snacks
    • Quiet (nap) time
    • Outdoor play


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    We also have some regularly scheduled "special" activities that add value to a child's play and learning experience. Rather than taking children off campus on field trips, we have special guests come to us with presentations and to lead us in special activities.

    No matter which program you choose to fit the needs of your family, Trinity welcomes you with open arms and an open heart. We can't wait to help your child and family grow stronger together in Christ with all the fun activities we have planned!


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