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Encouraged to explore the world

  • Our Curriculum

    The curriculum at Trinity is based on a blend of subjects, which through careful planning, helps your child prepare for the kindergarten years. We utilize "One in Christ" curriculum.  We offer a variety of subjects that help them develop natural curiosity. Our curriculum includes the following subject areas:


    We offer the tools and materials for math development. Numbers games, recognition through flashcards, counting exercises and daily integration of basic number problems allow a young student to see the relationship between numbers and the natural world.

    Culture Studies

    As a child's world begins to expand, they will have questions about who they are compared to their peers that surround them. We use a monthly rotation to focus on a different country and culture. We explore the food, music, daily customs and geography. Media, visual props, and games are integrated to help children expand their understanding.

    Bible Teaching

    Verse memorization, prayer, and positive character development are all part of our curriculum to teach children about God's Word and the meaning of a faith-led life. Books are read to help children learn basic Bible stories, and prayers are given before each meal to learn about thankfulness and getting into the habit of talking to God. Older children benefit from chapel teaching once a week held in the church.

    Science Discovery

    Life, physical and earth science are practiced through hands-on exploration and introduction to scientific methods. The teachers at Trinity let children become scientists by asking questions, developing hypotheses, and learning by discovering. Students conduct "experiments" with a variety of materials that help them come up with answers to their questions.

    Reading and Language Development

    Early literacy is an important part of our curriculum. Phonological development and alphabet identification is used for toddlers and young pre-k children, while older students benefit from vocabulary lessons, listening to written passages, and practicing lettering skills. We also incorporate sign language to help young ones articulate their needs.

    Music and Arts

    Arts and crafts, music and song, are wonderful ways for children to express themselves creatively. We allow children to explore their own individuality through art materials, musical instruments, and musical accompaniment. We also use art materials and song to help teach other basic subjects.